EPISODE 18: Sparky Lyle's #28 Retired by Somerset Patriots

The former Yankee great receives ultimate honor from team he managed to 5 titles.

Episode 1: Do-It-Yourself TV Snow Story  Every TV News story is the same.  Now you can do one, too!. February, 2014

Episode 17: WW2 Weekend

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum commemorates the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.  June, 2014.

 "The Perfect Christmas Tree Farm"


A perfect day to hunt for the perfect tree.

December, 2014

Yo-GeorgeTV.com:  You know what happens when you give a bored, displaced TV type an iPhone 6S Plus and a MacBook Pro?  You get any story he wants to do!

Episode 8:

I Own a Jeep

​A sometimes tragic love story


Who goes to Florida for the beach in March, anyway?  March 2017

Episode 10:

The Bacon Baseball Cap

Mmmmm.  Bacon.  On a cap.


Girls' "Goalie Nation"

USA HOCKEY sponsors a goalie clinic for

players from U-19 to U-12.  February, 2017

Episode 4: Welcome to Our Nor'Easter

Never been through one?

Here's your chance.